Second Life Avatars Consume As Much Electricity As Brazilians (TreeHugger)


With roughly 4000 servers running at full power at all times, the environmental implications of Second Life are not negligible. Fellow blogger Nicholas Carr recently did a back-of-the-envelope calculation comparing the impact of actual humans and Second Life avatars. Stunningly, it turns out that the average Second Life avatar consumes about as much electricity as your average Brazilian!


(idiomatic) approximate, rough, simplified
Example: Do some back-of-the-envelope calculations before all the facts come in. (Wiktionary)



USATODAY.com - Kevin Maney: Just when we figured out what Aibo was good for...(sniff!)


Yet on this same day, Purdue University has released news of research that shows that Aibo dogs can do as much good for the health of children as real dogs. Beyond that, says one report, "The (Purdue research) team also gave Aibos to elderly residents in care homes for six weeks and found that they were less depressed and lonely after interaction with the robotic dogs. Some residents reported being more active after playing with the robot."




USATODAY、Kevin Maney氏のブログより・・・

Most inspired advertising idea in a long time

The MIT Advertising Lab noticed that advertisers are figuring out that millions of people are looking at satellite images via sites such as Google Maps. So why not put a great big ad on top of a great big roof...

今や、Google Mapsなど衛星画像を見る人はものすごい数になっているので、広告をそれらのページに載せたら、宣伝効果が期待できる・・・。それじゃ、大きい屋根にでかい広告を掲げたらいいのでは??

なるほど。ありましたね~。未踏の領域が。(^ ^)



USATODAY.com - The plot thickens with a thin eBooks device




The tale has been a ho-hum one so far; eBooks account for only about $10 million of the $24 billion publishing industry.

→あーあー ((退屈・疲労・軽蔑など)).、退屈な, つまらない.



Gadgets » The top 10 weirdest USB drives ever




USATODAY.com - The cultural divide over 'bots

USATODAY.com のtech セクションのコラムニスト Kevin Maney氏のブログの記事より。

日本の研究者は、C3POタイプのロボットを追及し、アメリカの研究者は、R2D2 タイプのロボットを追求する。このまますすむと・・・

If both countries continue down those divergent paths, a wealthy Japanese household in 2025 might have a single, expensive, elegant, humanistic servant robot. A wealthy American household around the same time would be more likely to have 10 little special-purpose bots, all buzzing around and working in concert to take care of the house.




USATODAY.com - Tops for literate gift-givers: Cookbooks, non-fiction



If you're really stumped, there's always the mainstay of holiday gift giving: the coffee table book. The winner in that category, booksellers say, is the $150, 23-pound Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson — what Amazon's Parsons calls "the coffee table book that would collapse a table."

mainstay →【船】大檣支索; 大黒柱
coffee table book →expensive picture book for display: a large, usually expensive book with lavish illustrations, especially one used for display or casual perusal rather than reading

なんですかね。Complete Calvin and Hobbes・・・。

Hidé S's Web Page "Calvin and Hobbes"




USATODAY.com - Andrews: Diaz would be perfect as Maria


Julie Andrews says Cameron Diaz would be the perfect choice to play Maria if The Sound of Music is ever remade. Andrews starred in the best-picture Academy Award winner about a nun who leaves the convent behind to wed an Austrian widower (Christopher Plummer) and spread the Do-Re-Mi spirit to his seven kids.
どうなんだろうな・・・。(^ ^; 二人は、シュレックの声で競演しているそうなので、リップサービス的なところもあるんでしょう。



Guitarist Link Wray, writer of 'Rawhide', 'Rumble,' dies

ギタリストの Link Wray が亡くなった、との記事。パワーコードの父だそうです。知りませんでした。

Guitar master Link Wray, the father of the power chord in rock 'n' roll who inspired legends such as Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Pete Townsend, has died.


The power chord — a thundering sound created by playing fifths (two notes five notes apart, often with the lower note doubled an octave above) — became a favorite among rock players. Wray claimed because he was too slow to be a whiz on the guitar, he had to invent sounds.


When recording Rumble, he created the fuzz tone by punching holes in his amplifiers to produce a dark, grumbling sound. It took off instantly, but it was banned by some deejays in big cities for seeming to suggest teen violence.


→ディスクジョッキー D.J.




USATODAY.com - 'Potter' series casts a spell over entire genre


Fantasy fiction has come of age. Blame it on a kid with glasses.
Sales of science fiction and fantasy books have jumped 8.5% in the past five years — nearly double the rate for all consumer books, according to Simba International, a publishing research company.


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